One becoming All becoming One

The Paradigm

Oneness is the concept that One is all and all is One: from One comes All, and All is but the same One.

One is becoming... Becoming everything there is... Everything is One.

One is being all that are; all that are, are the same One.

Oneness is One becoming Many becoming One becoming (even) Null becoming One becoming All becoming

There is One: no more, nothing more; no less, nothing less. People. Objects. Processes. Things. Thoughts. Animals. Cosmos. Universes. Events. Acts. All One.

No exceptions.

Oneness is One being, being All, as One.

The Challenge

For as long as we clung to the Doctrine that Earth was the center of creation and “createdness," we were bound fast to the planet’s crust; the “Heavens" were a starry dreamscape unreachable in reality, while the rest of the planet itself was “dead" to us. Then, the rigorous insatiable questioning discipline of Science disabused us of that notion, allowing us to touch the heavens and to know the heavens.

Best of all, from that perspective, Mother-Earth couldn’t be more beautiful, shining tender blue and white in indescribable radiance and glorious vulnerability. Thus we were introduced to the real Soul of a planet we call home for the first time, where before we found only local rock and sifted mere dirt. Our Earth is suspended and immersed and enmeshed in a vast yet intimate Mother-matrix of things, and “things."

For as long as we cling to the Doctrine that Humanity is the center and sole concern of creation and createdness where “salvation," based on endemic “’Sin-and-Redemption' Theologies" is our only preoccupation, we remain bound fast to Human Flesh. Everything else is considered scary “supernatural stuff" from which Doctrine bars us; even the promised reward of Heaven to the faithful deserving is much farther than a dream.

We will too disabuse ourselves of that notion, in order that we may soar way beyond, whence to see better and become acquainted with the real, unimaginably profound and superb Human Spirit and Soul which is unbroken one and the same as the One Spirit which has spawned it, along with everything else there is and can be. Which is us—you and me and it. Only then can we “see" and “know" our Heaven.

On this awareness-kindling journey, we begin with the concept of Oneness: that One becomes All, and in so doing, remains One. That we are all One becoming One as we are. That means, you, me, everything, all things.

And, it is not just that Oneness is becoming All, but also that Oneness is being All that can possibly and probably be—as One. Hence, our confidence that we are already at the soaring height, that we are the soaring height: One. 

Let's begin...

Or, should we say: let us continue, we, Oneness, being All as One; we, Oneness, being All that Oneness can possibly and probably be, as One...